At First, I Hated the Cutter Wedge

A Customer Letter to Cutter Golf Staff on 10/21/2020

Dear Cutter Golf Staff,

I've decided the Cutter wedge is the reason my golf game has improved.  The Cutter has benefitted me as a multi-use wedge, a swing trainer, and as an exceptional confidence builder.  This is possible because I had to look objectively at my swing and determine why I was initially having difficulties hitting the Cutter wedge I was so excited to receive.  

I was like so many golfers who have crafted a swing to get them around a course but really never satisfied with their game.  Many golfers are ex athletes who can manipulate their bodies, arms, and their clubs to get around the course but with a lack efficiency and consistency.  I was firmly in this category of players loving the game but, definitely not their swing…hence the purchase of a club that was supposed to save my game!

I purchased the Cutter wedge because I was in the market to upgrade my wedge and I was intrigued with its shape and the possibilities to help my short game.  I have been able to fashion my short game inside 100 yards but I still would hit the dreaded shanks, thin and fat shots with my standard wedge.  I couldn't get proficient or consistent and thought I had tried it all.

I was eager to start practicing with my Cutter wedge to see if the larger face and unique shape would benefit me.  Once it arrived, I was still hitting the same crappy shots but with even more problems and more frustration.  I was able to really see the benefit out of the long rough but of course, I still lacked consistency.  I would let my better playing golf buddies use the club and it worked extremely well for them so, I had to do something so, I researched golf instruction and watched videos of tips and techniques.  I immediately learned why I was having trouble and why I was inconsistent with my golf swing with or without the Cutter Wedge. 

To get to the point, my old swing was mainly arm swinging and problems were exaggerated using the Cutter because of its shape.  I learned a few things:

  • Set up with a more stable stance having my butt more pronounced
  • Use of a 3-knuckle left hand grip
  • Starting my weight shift forward before finishing my backswing
  • Using my shoulders to, not only, start the club swing but be approximately 85% of the total swing. 
  • Turning my shoulders immediately produced a more consistent swing path and ball contact. 

As long as I set my shoulders parallel to the ground and either bend or lengthen my legs to the lie, I just swing with primarily my shoulders and I can get up and down every time in grass or sand.  If I keep the ball forward in my stance with the face open, I can produce a soft flop shot as if it were a 60 plus degree wedge.  The ball in the middle of the stance with a square face gets clean contact with so much wedge face area available.  It’s a pleasure to practice and play with this wedge.  I have removed my 60 degree and sand wedge from my bag because the Cutter is so versatile.   The Cutter glides through long rough and makes you confident you'll get the ball on the green from anywhere near the green.  Learning the correct swing path initiated with the shoulders has made hitting balls easier and so much more fun.  It has consistently lowered my scoring and boosted my confidence.  If I'm not on in regulation I know I'll get on with the Cutter. I'm looking forward to improving my game this summer and I really believe the Cutter wedge will be a big part of it.