I'm "Cutting" Up

Cutter Wedge Customer Open Letter to the "Huge Egos" out there who scoff at the look of the Cutter Wedge

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”…” Looks can be deceiving” ok, enough clichés, let's talk about lower scores!

The Cutter Wedge is a beautiful new wedge design that's going to help you shoot lower scores. Some will look at its innovative head design and snort derisively - right up until their playing competitor is claiming Nassau winnings because they wedged their ball closer all day…when you could have been using the Cutter.

Others will look at the Cutter Wedge and it will be love at first site well, maybe at first chip. The thing is, you know you need a solid wedge game to lower your scores…correct?  

Get over yourself!

You know you can always be better with your wedges so, why not try the wedge that offers a larger sweet spot and sets you up to hit straighter shots?  You’re not using it because of your ego?  It has the most unique sole technology, the largest head design and the most forgiving club on the planet (fact, not fiction)!!  Oh, I forgot, you don't need to shave any strokes around the green!

Try the Cutter and see the beauty in "cutting" your scores. My 10-index at the start of this season is now trending towards an 8 because I'm "cutting" it up!