Reselling, Advertising and Sponsoring Programs

For all opportunities please contact us at 800-484-4340 or


Reselling Opportunities

We do not offer inventory stocking however, please contact us for dropship and affiliate opportunities.  

Online Sponsorship

We offer advertising within the sales process as an up-sell opportunity for ancillary products that enhance the golf experience.  Please inquire to 800-484-4340 or

In-Box Advertising

Insert your marketing materials or samples into the Cutter Golf Shipping Boxes.  There will be a per insert fee mandated by our 3PL and any other negotiated fees and/or commission. Please inquire to 800-484-4340 or

Special Events

Please contact us to discuss special events.  We are always willing to provide product and/or attend your event. Please inquire to 800-484-4340 or 

Tournament Sponsorship

Regarding Tournament sponsorships and other related tournament inquiries, please inquire to 800-484-4340 or

All Marketing & Sponsorship programs are customized to fit your marketing needs and budget as well as, other ideas. 

To discuss, please inquire to 800-484-4340 or