Cutter Golf - True Innovation in Club Technology

When you hit this club you will notice 2 VERY distinct things:

 The club feel is extraordinary.  Because of the self-aligning and center balanced face, it will feel effortless in your swing and the club will glide or cut through the turf.  ~ Why?  Because, the blade has 66% less leading edge!

The ball just jumps off the face.  Why?  Because there is no toe or heel to drag to open or close the face which allows you to get through the ball more easily.  This is because of substantially less drag and less friction.  Even if you hit the Cutter off center, the club has 75% larger sweet spot!

When the Hybrid Fairway Wood was introduced in the late 80's, everyone thought it looked a little funny but we all know what happened next!  The Cutter Wedge is NOT a gimmick - there are no FLASHY colors to try and distract you from the REAL innovation & technology which is simply obvious.

A standard wedge is typically 56° degrees with a 12° degree bounce and 60°- 65° degrees in Lie Angle as seen below:

 Although the Cutter Wedge has the same Loft, Bounce and Lie Angle as a typical wedge there are SEVERAL outstanding and innovative differences however; one that stands out the most...THE CLUB FACE!


Although the Cutter Wedge's club face is GROUND BREAKING, the real SECRET WEAPON is the "Cutter Sole Technology" that distributes weight to the CENTER of the face for improved strikes and better contact and that means less miss hits!  The Cutter Sole Technology ALSO supports a Self-Aiming Face which in turn allows for improved Intended ball flight and also raises the Center of Gravity (CG) higher up the club face!   

Also, due to the symmetrical shape of the Cutter's face profile and sole, there is superior turf relief on both the toe and heel sides of the club head.  In other words - you get much less turf resistance from tall grass or side hill lies compared to traditional asymmetrical wedge.

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To illustrate further, the Cutter Sole Technology behaves like the geometry of a BOAT that has a narrow bow and a broad stern like the image above, allowing the bow to aerodynamically cut through water which causes the boat to remain stable.  Which is why the Cutter Sole self-corrects its own stability through various types of turf and sand conditions and most importantly, the sole reacts like a Snow Plow as the material is displaced on either side of the plow as seen below...


A traditional golf iron experiences twisting of the club face when an off-center impact occurs.  Existing perimeter weighting is supposed to neutralize re-directing of the club face however, during an off center impact the toe or heel controls the direction which then negates the traditional perimeter weighting effect.

Unstable traditional perimeter weighted club soles do nothing to keep the face square during an off-center impact however, the Cutter Sole Technology resists twisting during off-center impacts due to the self-stabilizing geometry of the crescent shaped sole.  

In addition, the Cutter Sole Technology keeps the face square through the impact zone and twisting of the club face is virtually eliminated.  It is the Cutter Sole Technology, interacting with the turf material, that makes the Cutter Wedge such a MONUMENTAL BREAKTHROUGH! 


 Are you starting to get the picture?



A normal faced wedge obviously has its limitations if your lie isn’t perfect , flat or even.  You must adjust your stance, grip and many other aspects of your swing, literally decreasing the sweet spot of your club face as seen below:

 With the Cutter Wedge in an uneven lie, you can swing with minimal adjustments because the SWEET SPOT TRANSFERS ACROSS THE CLUB FACE!  In these scenarios, the reduction in the toe & heel areas will greatly enhance contact with no adjustments needed as seen below: