Video Submissions

 Thank you for buying the Cutter Wedge!

Cutter Golf would really appreciate your help growing our brand by being in our future commercials!!  We plan to involve our customers every step of the way throughout the entire branding process so, if you would help us by doing one simple and fun favor, we would really appreciate it.

There are two types of videos we want from you:

1. We would love to receive a video from you so, show us what you got!!  Show us your creativity and skill by sending one, two or all of the following...

  • Video Testimonial of you speaking on how much you love the Cutter Wedge! 
  • Live video of you using the Cutter Wedge in action!
  • The Cutter Wedge in a trick shot!
  • Or any video would be great!

    **Whatever you send us please point the club head to the camera at the very end so we can see the logo!** 

    See example video below:

    2. We would love it if you could shoot a video of you using the Cutter Wedge, not in a traditional sense like on a golf course but at an odd or peculiar place like at the Zoo, Baseball game or a Wedding! 

    • What you will need is the following:
      • A friend to film you
      • Your Cutter Wedge
      • 2 golf balls of your choice – WHITE BALL ONLY
    • A location of your choice - Preferably in front of a famous location for example:
      • Eiffel Tower
      • Seattle Space Needle
      • Graceland
      • Joshua Tree – The Dessert
      • At the Vatican or in Venice Italy
      • In front of your Fire House or Station in Uniform!
      • Etc…
    • Once you have all of these items and a location chosen, please follow the below instructions:
      • FILM IN HORIZONTAL ORIENTATION vs Vertical Orientation
      • Stand in your location
      • Place BALL ONE in your pocket
      • Have a friend throw BALL TWO to you from your RIGHT SIDE and catch it
    • NOW do whatever you want with the ball (REMEMBER TO SMILE!!)
      • Trick shot
      • Bounce it on the face
      • Flop it and catch it with your pocket
      • Hit it at a target or…whatever.
      • When you are finished doing your thing, Take BALL ONE out of your pocket
      • Place it down in front of you and hit the ball about 20-25 yards to your LEFT SIDE – OUT OF FRAME
      • Now wave to your LEFT SIDE where you hit the ball out of frame (don’t forget to smile!!)
      • Then point the Cutter Wedge to the camera showing the emblem (LOGO side up please!) and SMILE!!
        • Tips:
          • Your video should be NO LONGER than 15 seconds
          • Shoot a few different shots so we have a few to choose from
          • Be funny and goofy (PLEASE!)
          • Don’t be afraid to show your skills too!
          • Have fun with it…You’re gonna be all over the web!
          • AND PLEASE Send us your bloopers too!!

              See example video below: