The Cutter Wedge™

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"Better Physics...Better Golf"®

Cutter Wedge Technical Specifications:

  • 52°, 56° and 58° Loft
  • 10°, 12° And 6° Bounce
  • 64° Lie Angle
  • 431 Stainless Steel
  • "Stiff" Stepless Steel Shaft

Gifted with a symmetrical face profile, crescent-shaped sole, and triangular head, the Cutter Wedge has a:

  • Self-Aiming Face – If your aim is off just 5° left or right from the target, an otherwise good shot calculates to an 8.7-yard distortion, which might be the difference between making or missing the green.
  • 75% Larger Sweet Spot – Regardless of uphill, downhill or any lie angle, your sweet spot is NEVER reduced
  • 66% less Leading Edge – Less leading edge means less drag, more speed and more accurate shots
  • BALANCED Perimeter Weighting – Lower “Center of Gravity” means higher trajectory and softer landings

“Probability Circle™” - This term, the “Probability Circle™” demonstrates that all wedges have a single point on the club face which is “intended” as the “Sweet Spot” however, random probability and strike error will create a scattering of actual impact points on the club face therefore, the impact scatter would start to form a circle over time. The Cutter Wedge has an approximately 39% larger hitting area or “Probability Circle™ than a traditional wedge“

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    M. Hoglund
    I recommend this product
    Easy and Straight

    The wedge gets the ball upside easy and straight.

    D. Naisby
    I recommend this product
    I've only had the Cutter for less than a week

    I've only had the cutter 52 for less than a week but it is now my go to club for around the green, in all cuts, off green in bare lies anywhere and from 30 yds in. I still prefer my 60 for sand mainly because I can open the face as much as I want - something that realistically you can't do with the Cutter. So, all in all, it's a superb piece of kit. I rank it as high as my Pyramid putter!!

    K L.
    United States United States

    I can now hit a 50 yard pitch that stops on a a dime. I had a fat bottom as seen on TV wedge, and loved it. But it wasn't good on tight lies...Sculling was high risk. So, with a textured face and tapered front this really works well. I think you need to post "how to use it" videos, in particular a sand video. Hard sand and soft sand. Most hackers face hard sand. Rick Shiels said it could be a game changer. yes, if I could get the sand game down. it would be.

    A Cutter Golf Customer
    DJ P.
    United States United States
    Glad to have this club in my bag.

    Used it for a couple of rounds; works great out of thick stuff, higher grass and especially bunkers. Does pop the ball up quickly out of short grass. The only thing, and this is 'operator error' no fault of the club, is when you hit this club a little thin and off center - ball may take a little side trip. Glad to have this club in my bag.

    P. Nardi
    United States United States
    Feels good and has good accuracy

    I am a senior golfer joe average I have only played with the club once so this review may be premature. The wedge feels good and has good accuracy on full and medium approach shots. The problem for me was on tight lies and on those little off the edge of the green shots. I hit a couple of thin shots in those tight lies and fat shots on the little edge shots. It could be visual due to the narrow hitting area at the bottom of the club. I need some more time with it to be more accurate.